Energy efficiency into industrial facility

How is possible to increase efficiency into industrial facility? Do new energy generation systems (hardware) are necessary? Do machine learning and artificial intelligence could improve performance?

During my Ph.D. I analysed both efficiency energy conversion system based on SOFC/RSOC to produce energy both to improce polygeneration system using data analytics and machine learning. Clustering is proposed to define polygeneration system and to perform short-therm forecasting combined with kNN.

Enhancement of energy generation efficiency in industrial facilities by SOFC – SOEC systems with additional hydrogen production

We recently proposed to increase efficiency of an industrial energy system with the adoption of a RSOC (Reversible Solid Oxide Cell). The aim is to produce both heat and electricity, increase the match between energy production and consumption meanwhile hydrogen is produced.

An existing paper mill located in Italy was analysed with the aim of revamping a part of the energy generation system with the adoption of RSOC/SOFC to dismiss one of the old steam turbine.

Thermodynamic analysis shows that primary energy saving is achieve even if hydrogen is produced.

Link: (Not open access)